In 2009 I found out I’d been downsized from my marriage.  In the last year since the divorce came through I felt like I lurched from one financial crisis to another but in the end I found a way to stabilize. Unfortunately I picked up some bad money habits and hadn’t completely adjusted to having less than half the income.

In talking with girlfriends I began to panic more and more about the idea of retirement.  So far our only real plan was to find the shopping carts without the squeaky wheels.  One thing I decided was that I had no patience with a victim mentality so I need to make constructive challenges to face the future head on.

As my son was preparing for his first year in high school I realized it was time for me to get responsible and see what I could do to work with the resources I do have.

I decided to start with a one month challenge to see how little I could spend.  I would learn to identify the essentials and get creative with what I already had.

In the process a friend told me about “The Year of Less” blog and I decided to see what I could do with the challenges.

I will be tracking what I spend daily, how I address the challenges and what they teach me.  I will track how I face the “Eat Your Pantry” challenge and try and break the cravings habit.

Hopefully I’ll compile the wisdom of friends who have been hear and done that.

I’m looking forward to facing my fears, my future and my finances.

I’m Deb and I’m penny pinched.

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