I love the beginning of the new year with all the challenges for health, fitness and financial savings. Why? Because I can do all of them, at least for the first week. Walk a block? Done. Plank for 20 seconds? If broken into 10 second increments then I’ll say done. Clean my home? http://www.flylady.net says we start with baby steps and the first task was to shine my sink. Done. 52 week savings challenge? One dollar in the jar. Done.
For one week out of the year I am at the top of my game.  The week has passed.

Now it is real and I’ve got a problem.  I’m a multimedia artist.  That’s a nice way of saying I sometimes secretly want stuff that is being thrown out on “Hoarders”.  My son has pretended not to know me when I bend down to pick up a rusty bottle cap. Yelling “It’s OK. I”m an artist” does not appear to repair the situation.  There is potential everywhere and sometimes it find its way to my basement. All of my basement.

Being penny pinched I have learned to get discount groceries, free samples and learned how to recycle most everything that enters the house.  Old t-shirts?  Those can to used to make rag rugs, stuffed animals, cleaning cloths and little pillows. Little bits of metal can be used in sculptures, jewelry, baskets or mosaics.  Glass jars are great for storing beads, spices, paper clips etc. You get the idea.  Waste nothing!  It great.  The problem is that when I want that jar I can no longer see it. I don’t remember where it is.  I don’t usually remember I have it.

I may have thirty samples of shampoo.  Some date back to 2011. ( Hhm.  “How to Tame Your Mullet” may be a bit older). Having it is great only if I use it.  If I’m not using it, it is taking up valuable real estate.  It is actually an obstacle to being able to create, to live less expensively.   Eventually it amount of stuff becomes oppressive. It yells at you to do something with it but you can’t think for all of the other screechy little voices. It drains your energy.



Eventually you hit weeks 2, 3 and 4.  It is time to organize.  This month it is time to create a simplified environment.  It is to stop over spending in terms of space, and energy and time vrs. reward.  Penny pinched is still going to be about getting a deal and I’m going to start by reclaiming valuable property from my stuff.  Time to clean all the things.

Comments on: "What Clutter? I’m using that stuff. Sort of." (1)

  1. Vanessa Betcher said:

    Good luck sorting and cleaning. The jars will be great to store all the small bits and bobs!

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