The Return of the Pantry

Well I know that the “Eat Your Pantry” month challenge is over but I feel like I still have a long way to go before I get to where I need to be in terms of food and money.

One of my biggest indicator was that on October 1rst I went face down into ordering Chinese food delivery AFTER having already hit the drive thru at lunch.  The next day I had a bad food hangover and my body was cursing me every which way.  My wallet spit a flurry of receipts at me and the chicken legs I should have prepared were conspiring to give me food poisoning.

Clearly I have a way to go.  Some of the things that I did learn were that even if I ‘m eating from my pantry I had strong urges to fill up any of the empty spaces immediately.  I also started to slide into just eating from home rather than getting at the rest of the things in blocks of ice  at the bottom of the freezer.  One of the things I need to do to stay accountable is to write out my daily  spending totals.  Just for myself I need to see what I am spending as the sales are still a real lure for me.  I’m thinking that eight bottles of toilet duck are probably enough.

Now if I can keep my fingers off the airmiles and Save On More Points specials I can make some progress.  Well, time to make some cherry soup and plan my next few meals. I am in negotiations with the chicken. Wish me luck.


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