Today started great.  Josh and I were pumped for church.  We were having our fall kick off and bbq after service. I don’t know what any of your experiences have been with church but today our pastor was delivering his message from an exercise bicycle.  From anyone else it would have been a cheesy gimmick but with Brad I knew it would be something relevant and on point.  I didn’t realize how it would apply to so many areas of my life.

What grabbed me were the words on the screen, “The Beauty of Discipline”.  He asked us about what we loved and hated about exercise.  He was sharing from Hebrews 12:11-15 and as he spoke I realized that the discipline of uncluttering, saving money, controlling our spending, donating our possessions and consuming less were all part of becoming more self disciplined. It is about taking back control of our lives and living purposeful and thoughtful ones.  Impulse buys, not budgeting and being overwhelmed by stuff is chaotic and discouraging.  Self discipline becomes a path to personal freedom.  His points were a road map to achieving this. He was helping us to work at identifying and overcoming the things that keep us from serious growth. Our lace up challenge was to identify the areas we need to tone and develop.

1. Get ready for stiff competition.  Be prepared that the runner’s high will not come right away.  There will be some aches and pains as we adjust.

2. Get a plan.  Set goals and recognizable mile stones so that you can see your progress.  This will also alert you for when you’ve gone off the path.

3. Get into a groove.  A habit takes practice and like anything worthwhile, it takes work.

4. Get into a group.  This is all about being accountable (like exposing yourself in a blog) or something like surrounding yourself with people with similar goals and check in on each other.

5.  Keep going.

These words came home even more sharply as I blew a tire on my own ride.    I’d done well with breakfast and lunch.  I knew that I had to prepare for the upcoming week so I carefully decided what I needed to buy.  I budgeted for the two jugs of milk, one for Josh and a lactose-free one for me.  I picked up the large bag of rice because I decided it was a staple and better value (didn’t take into account that there are only two of us).  I knew I needed butter and decided to pick up two (one would have been enough). Potatoes, check, and yogurt for Josh.  Once I got to the store I drifted. Josh prefers the yogurt tubes to the containers even though it is twice the price per weight.  I saw tinned corn on sale and rationalized that I was out and needed it for recipes (nothing was planned for them – broken rule #1 don’t stock the shelves again with items that aren’t essential).  Then I really went over the handle bars. A container of fried onions? Those are great on casseroles, pre-shredded tex mex cheese?  It’s on sale and I love it on scalloped potatoes, and finally the flat of Pepsi. Why? I love it and it gave me a bonus spin with the store promotional draw.  Oh darn.  I’m not even a gambler but I blew my budget for so many none essentials and the potential to win points.  Grand total?  $77.57.  Argh.

Plan- When I only need a few essentials I will stay with the car and send Josh in with the list and the cash.  Thank goodness for point 5.  I’ll dust myself off and apply some morale boosting polysporin to this crash and keep going.  Now if I could be more consistent with keeping my hands off of the leftovers at night I will be cruising again.


Comments on: "Sept. 9th It’s like riding a bicycle. Where’s the medic?" (1)

  1. Be kind to your self Deb. I love your plan to have Josh do the shopping what a great learning opportunity for him.

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