Today’s challenge from the Year of Less is to get rid of catalogues and cancel their subscriptions. For me they already go right to the recycling bin but there are also the electronic versions.  Things like Groupon, Deal of the Day, Real Deal, Swarm Jam etc. come to my e-mail each day to tempt me with offers.  The prices are amazing and it is a limited time. Hurry! Act now!  You’ll miss it!  If you miss this chance to get electrolysis for Fluffy she will need therapy!

I’ve bought some of these deals.  The last one for netting for my door was a disaster and ended up in the trash.  The one for the cute little diner took me 30 minutes out of my way and the burger was an artery buster.  I have repressed memories about the vein reduction laser and it took two months to get an appointment for the hot stone massage that turned into a deep tissue sumo marathon.

I had a couple of good ones but the problem is the ongoing feeling of having to make a rush decision not to miss the deal. I am spending money that I wouldn’t have spent otherwise.  A pedicure is not a deal if the equipment is not cleaned by professional standards and you end up with nail fungus or an infection.  To stop the panic I have cancelled all these special offers to prevent impulse buying due to these triggers.

My other good habit that has cause a problem is I scan all of the local flyers looking for deals and for points.  In the same spirit of impulse shopping I see that I only have one week to get in on the deal and I’d better get their fast.  They know that people don’t drive somewhere and only pick up one item. At present I have way too many boxes of cereal and cake mix as they were cheap and had high airmiles attached.   I have to stop the challenge for the high point totals.  This will be a work in progress.

Today I broke down and ended up with a shopping bill of $11.86.  The problem is that it should have only been $5.49.  I needed corn for my corn relish to use the cucumbers, onions and peppers.  The bag of discounted oranges for .99 cents was unexpected but reasonable. The box of fudgicles was totally off the mark and just a craving.  Sigh.  I will do better tomorrow.

For dinner we tackled another “one day” purchase.  At Christmas I was sure I was going to host a great open house party so I bought appetizers.  The phyllo wrapped brie and the little turkey meat balls continued to sit well into the summer taking up valuable real estate waiting for one day.  Tonight I made perogies with bacon and onions as a side to the meatballs with plum sauce. I reworked the corn casserole by adding cheese, more tortillas and jalapeno peppers on one side.  I crossed the road and garnered 12 blackberries from a small bush. The last of the plums were diced into the berries to stretch them into a dessert and snap peas rounded out the dinner.  Dinner added no new costs and the one day food will wait no more.


Comments on: "Sept. 7th Impulse buying – Catalogues and Cravings" (2)

  1. Great idea Deb to cancel all the incoming electronic offers. If you don’t see them you can’t buy. If any of those offers are attached to your Facebook clear them out too 🙂 I think your dinner looked yummy!

  2. Thanks Vanessa it is amazing how much my “oh what a deal” instinct can kick in with these things. Really good idea about clearing out the Facebook ads.

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