For days 2 and 3 of the Year of Less challenge you are supposed to get rid of your reliance on paper products.  Thankfully it is not too extreme and we are talking about paper towels and napkins.  While I am not committing to complete austerity it did have me rethink my use of paper dining serviettes as opposed to cloth and rags for cleaning instead of paper towel.  I decided since there are just two of us that having 14 table napkins once a week would not add much to a weekly washload.  I know these will be cheap at the thrift as people have gotten away from cloth as too much hassle.

The next challenge is to get rid of cloth. Hhm.  In simplifying our wardrobes we take the strain out of dressing.  This is something I do on a regular basis and Josh does too by insisting on growing at an alarming rate!  Who authorized that?  Like many woman I have the three wardrobes, the oversized, the fits right now but nothing goes together and the “In a few more pounds I’ll fit in and really it was a fabulous deal” clothes.  I realized in doing this that I need to zero in on the “fits me right now” clothes and see what I actually had and what made a real outfit.  It wasn’t long before I figured out that my coordinated outfits incorporated pieces from all three size groups.  What I am really wearing is rather limited.  On my last vacation I had on the same dress in almost every photo.  It was like someone just moved the backdrop while I stood in place.  My challenge for tonight (and probably tomorrow) is to take out my entire wardrobe and only put back the outfits that are seasonal, fit and are match with something.  The oversized and undersized will be boxed with dates on them.  If a year goes by and they aren’t opened then they go to the thrift sight unseen (OK in truth I’d wash them first as the thrift deserves the best we can give. The rule is to not pass on what you wouldn’t wear yourself if it fit.)

In order to facilitate this I will resort to a tempting box of butter chicken and jasmine rice for dinner. I’ll make a carrot salad with raisins and sunflower seeds on the side.  I’ll defrost some raspberries and blueberries to serve over frozen yogurt for dessert.  Simple and it will let me get back to saying, “What the heck am I doing with a sequined halter and a bubble skirt?”.

Expenses:  food  – $4.81, school fees for art -$30.  Polysporin for infected scratches from picking blackberries -$6, returned broken sunglasses and didn’t buy new ones +$11.20.

Photo from a trip to Europe. Simplifying is a good thing.


Comments on: "Sept.6th paperwork and clothing allowance" (3)

  1. Hey Deb! I can relate to your wardrobe dilema. I have pre baby clothes/post baby clothes and none of it fits well. Yet I can’t afford to replace anything right now. How about a couple pictures to go along with your clothing overhaul?

  2. I hear you. The way I’m approaching it is that I’m pretending I am going on a one month trip that will have hot and cold weather. It means I have to put together full outfits. I have laid out the pants in one pile, the short sleeve in another, skirts and then dresses (casual and dressy) etc.
    I start with my favourite outfits, put them on hangers and then drape a piece of jewelry or scarf that might complete the outfit. That hanger goes back in the closet. I do this as if this will go in the suitcase. I then look at what is left over and decide if it 1. is for another season 2. it fits and 3. has other pieces that will make it a complete outfit. If it belongs with a pair of pants that are already hung up then it can be hung beside the pants and again with with necklace or scarf that will make it a complete outfit. This is more like a weeklong task as uninterrupted time is not how I roll right now! 🙂
    I will take some photos of the piles, the closet before and after and post once i have the results.
    For you, you might have a few basic pieces you wear again and again so the trick is to find ways to make them look different with accessories. At your stage the usual accessories were food stains, being a nose wipe and fingerprinted. This is where scarves are really good whether they hang down or wrap around. A nice polymer clay pin perhaps? I’d love to see what you figure out too.

  3. I was just talking to my mom who had a great suggestion. The idea is to turn all of your hangers around. As you use that item of clothing you turn the hanger the right way. In 3 or 4 months you will be able to tell the clothes that you use and the ones you don’t use by the position of the hangers. This will give you an idea of which ones either need help finding a mate, don’t fit and should be boxed, or donated. The boxed ones, if it is a size issue can be put away for a few more months. If you don’t access it during those months it is time to donate them.

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