This is it! Day one of the month of living frugal. I am going to see how little money I can get by on in one month. Yes it is back to school but I have some bad money habits that need to go.
My “eating out” reflex is already screaming, “But we have coupons!”. Do I have what it takes to not rationalize bad behaviour? I will see.

One of my friends referred me to a blog called “The Year of Less”.  A couple with six children created a set of rules and decided to declutter their homes, their lives and their habits.

I realized that my goal of seeing how little money I could get by on needed some structure in order to help me defeat old habits including my thinking.

I decided to start a daily journal.  This blog is that journal. Each day I outline my expenses. I would document what I had decluttered, whether it was donated to charity or a friend.  For this month I would include how I dealt with the monthly challenge from “The Year of Less” which this month is to eat my pantry.

As I go through this process I will also try and organize my thinking about money, stuff and food.

Hopefully being frugal will pay off richly.


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